Dark Hive was created to assist underserved startups and small businesses fill in the gaps to their business operations and technical needs. Dark Hive also serves as an umbrella company and incubator for internally generated disruptive technologies. We realized that over the course of our careers, we have amassed an expansive network of experts in a number of vertical industries and disciplines that we call on as advisors. With a goal of helping businesses achieve their goals and individuals build wealth, Dark Hive created areas of focus (pillars) that we concentrate our efforts around.

Pillar I

Business & Marketing Consulting

Business Consulting consists of providing consulting and advising services such as business and marketing plan support, supply chain optimization, digital marketing, operational metrics, analytics and reporting.

Pillar II

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions are designed to provide a wide spectrum of IT services including, but not limited to, IT hardware procurement, website design, website hosting, cloud migration, DevOps, digital signage and large format display technology, and datacenter power management and capacity planning. darkhive.tech | darkhivehosting.com

Pillar III

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) services for copyrights, trademarks, and patents are provided by Dark Hive IP attorneys and consultants. Not only do we file the requisite paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but we also provide guidance on getting your IP approved and monetizing after registration. myip.life

Pillar IV

Equity Investing

Dark Hive will provide startup businesses with alternative ways to raise capital through equity crowdfunding and individuals an additional wealth building vehicle to compliment personal savings, 401(k), and other investments. darkseed.co [coming soon]

Pillar V

Film & Media

Dark Hive will produce, co-produce, and executive produce, television and feature film projects. Select projects will be made available to the public as investment opportunities as relationships are forged with distribution outlets, production studios, writers, and directors. darkflix.media [coming soon]