Chief Strategist

Robert G.L. Newkirk III has over 12 years experience in digital technology development. He began his career as a patent and trademark researcher for firms such as Finnegan & Henderson, LLC, King & Spalding, LLC and lastly Akin Gump, LLC. During his tenure, Mr. Newkirk developed strategic marketing plans for bringing digital products to market for major consumer electronic companies including Sony and Panasonic.


Dennis Schultz has over 20 years experience in the high tech industry. A Virginia Tech alum, Mr. Schultz worked for a myriad of global technology companies in sales, business development, account management, and consulting capacities. Mr. Schultz’s CV includes technology heavy weights Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Gartner, and Dropbox. In addition to Mr Schultz’s corporate endeavors, as an entrepreneur, he’s created multiple small businesses (Spraga, LLC, Velvet Addiction: E-Zine, and Media Monopoly Group: Brand Management & Marketing) and is a founding partner for minority STEM focused, Lyndhurst, NJ based non-profit, Center for Arts and Visual Education (C.A.V.E.).


Principal Advisor – Finance

Ryan Scott began his career at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in Washington, DC, serving as a financial advisor to small businesses owners, helping them to manage their operational capital, develop company benefit programs, and properly insure their business interests. Ryan’s clientele consisted of certified 8(a) government contractors and professional athletes. Mr. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Allegheny College, and an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Most recently Ryan served as SVP at Blaylock Beal Van, one of the oldest and largest African American owned
investment banks, and is currently Dir. of Business Development at New Frontier Data.

Principal Advisor – Legal / Intellectual Property

Leslie A. Thompson of Leslie A. Thompson & Associates is an intellectual property lawyer with a firm based in Washington, D.C. near the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Mr. Thompson specializes in a gamut of intellectual property services from comprehensive patent/trademark searches to opinions on validity and infringement. Mr. Thompson is an equity partner in Dark Hive’s intellectual property business, My IP Life ( which specializes in Intellectual property services and businesses and individuals.

Principal Advisor – Political / Historical

Dr. Bernard Demczuk is a recently retired Assistant Vice President for District Relations for Washington D.C.’s George Washington University. Dr. Demczuk is also an expert in African-American studies. Dr. Demczuk is the recepient of the Greater Washington Urban League’s Whitney M. Young Jr. Community Service Award, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award and the GW Award, which is the highest honor the University grants for service, among others.