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Dark Hive Technology Solutions and Dark Hive Hosting provide IT solutions for growing businesses. We provide fully managed services for cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Dark Seed is a pro-diverse crowdfunding platform that allows for equity based investing. Research a multitude of startup and growing companies to get in on the ground floor. Coming soon.

My IP Life provides intellectual property, incorporation, and social media name and brand protection for individuals and small businesses with a focus on student athletes.

Put the Hive to work for you.

Our goal is to help you along on your journey. By assisting growing businesses with digital transformation initiatives and individuals with alternative investment opportunities, Dark Hive is a network of subject matter experts who develop customized plans to assist all businesses, regardless of size.

Dennis Schultz, CEO – Dark Hive

Capital Is Out There.

At Dark Hive it is our mission to level the playing field for building wealth through individual investing while also providing seed and early stage funding for women and minority ventures that push the limits of creativity and technology.


Technology Demystified.

It’s very rare that we meet a CIO who is fully staffed and has adequate budget to meet the needs expected of them by the business. Dark Hive allow you to do more with less.


Protect your brand.

Whether it’s your name, logo, or idea, your goal should be to protect yourself from intellectual property predators. Dark Hive lawyers and IP consultants specialize in trademarks, copyrights, and patents for individuals and small businesses.