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Dark Hive Ventures provides an investment vehicle for investors via syndicates. Our index minimizes the risk of early stage investing through collaboration and diversification. Coming soon.

Dark Seed is a pro-diverse crowdfunding platform that allows for equity based investing. Research a multitude of startup and growing companies to get in on the ground floor. Coming soon.

My IP Life provides intellectual property, incorporation, and social media name and brand protection for individuals and small businesses with a focus on student athletes.

Securing capital for women and minority ventures should not be this hard.

Of the thousands of venture deals minted from 2012 to 2014, so few black women founders raised money that statistically speaking, the number might as well be zero. (The exact number is 24 out of 10,238, or just 0.2 percent.)

Davey Alba, Wired Magazine, 02.10.16

Money Is Out There.

At Dark Hive it is our mission to level the playing field for building wealth through individual investing while also providing seed and early stage funding for women and minority ventures that push the limits of creativity and technology.


New To Investing? No Problem.

We welcome first time investors and entrepreneurs. Don’t be intimidated. We’ll provide you with the information and tools you need to get started with confidence.


Invest The Fun Way.

Whether you’re investing $50 or $5,000, you can communicate directly with the founders of the companies you invest in and have an opportunity to provide input and expertise to help the company succeed as a co-owner.